Maya was born to a Jewish family in Pretoria, RSA in 1978. Soon after, her family moved to Holland where she lived for 22 years. Throughout her life she was often plagued by visions, premonitions and visitations from the Spirit realms.

She knew that she would one day return to her country of birth and that something very important was waiting for her there.

After dreaming of one of her teachers (years before she actually met him in the flesh), she came to understand she had the calling to become a Sangoma (Traditional Healer) following the tradition of the amaPondo people of the Eastern Cape, RSA.

At her initation she was given the name Nomathongo, meaning ‘Girl of Ancestral Dreams’.

After almost three years of undergoing the traditional teachings (ukuthwasa), she graduated at the homestead of her Tata, Chris ‘Ntombemhlope Reid, near Magwa Falls in the Transkei, EC. in 2009.

She has since been living and practicing as a Sangoma based in Cape Town to follow her Ancestors’ wishes to be of service to the global community as well as act as a bridge between the different cultures.